Safety & Product Care


Safety comes first at Purple Peacock Puzzles. Each puzzle is made from quality, non-toxic materials sourced from local and Canadian retailers. All our puzzles are made of birch or Baltic birch plywood, which is chosen for its durability, light colour, and unlikelihood to cause an allergic reaction compared to other hardwoods such as walnut. All glues, paints, and finishes used on our puzzles are non-toxic.

Remove and discard any packaging or wrapping materials before giving the puzzles to a child, as these are not part of the product and can pose a safety hazard.

We pride ourselves on making quality puzzles; however, they are not indestructible. Please supervise children while they are playing with our products. Throwing, dropping the puzzles, or playing with them in a manner in which they were not designed may cause them to break or splinter. If this occurs, discard the affected pieces immediately. Do not allow children to play with puzzles that have splintered or broken.

All Purple Peacock Puzzles are painted using non-toxic acrylic paints, and finished with a coat of all-natural, non-toxic shellac. I have chosen these specific materials for their non-toxic properties, as well as their vibrance of colour and durability. However, excessive chewing or scratching will cause the colour to fade. You may also notice some fading of the colour through prolonged normal use, typically along the edges of the pieces and where they connect with each other.

Product Care

To clean your puzzle, simply wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth.

For stick-on messes, wipe your puzzle with a damp rag and then dry immediately.

Do not use ammonia based cleaners on the puzzles, as this will damage the finish and cause the colour to fade.