About Us


Before I can tell you about Purple Peacock Puzzles, I have to tell you about my son, Vincent. Vincent is a quiet, shy little boy who has always had a love for puzzles. From a very young age, puzzles were his favourite toy, and he had a special affinity for wooden puzzles; but the puzzles I was finding in the stores weren't challenging enough for Vincent and he got bored of them quickly. I decided I would learn how to make wooden puzzles for him. In doing this, I discovered a new hobby that I enjoyed immensely, and was able to create beautiful puzzles that Vincent loved. I wanted to share Vincent's love of puzzles - and my love of making them - with other children, so in January 2020, Purple Peacock Puzzles was born. Each puzzle is carefully crafted by hand in my home workshop in Hamilton, Ontario. Since each puzzle is made by hand, no two are exactly alike. I insist upon using quality materials sourced from local lumber yards and Canadian retailers, as well as non-toxic glues, paints, and finishes. I craft each product as if I were making it for my own son, so you can have confidence in the quality of Purple Peacock Puzzles.